Brazilian Keratin Treatment is the latest way to straighten and control frizz

Brazilian Keratin treatment is a revolution in the hair industry. At last we have a scientifically proven method that will eliminate frizz, straighten and smooth your hair, by infusing Keratin deep into the hair cuticle.

Lasting 12 weeks, this new process will form a new layer of keratin over the hair, leaving it smooth and silky to the touch. You’ll be the envy of your friends, as they wonder how your curly frizzy hair has been transformed to shiny healthy look. This long-lasting effect is achieved in a single treatment, and the protective layer lasts for ages. Industry professionals are hailing this as a unique breakthrough, and one of the few treatments that genuinely improves the health of the hair.

No harsh chemicals are used. The hair is never damaged during the treatment. The number one enemy of great looking hair “formaldehyde” is not used in this unique treatment.

Unlike most hair treatments that damage your hair over time. The Brazilian Keratin treatment improves the health of the hair with each subsequent build-up of Keratin. You can expect:

  • An improving smoothness to the touch with each treatment
  • A more shiny and silky look that will catch the light every time
  • No hassle in maintaining and delivering that perfect look each time
  • Super-fast blow-drying times, with less tangling
  • ….out and out envy from all your friends and family….will you tell them your secret….or keep them guessing?


1. What results can I expect after my first treatment?

A smooth, softer straighter look with a shiny coat, will be the obvious difference. This will be combined with frizz free drying experience either with a cool hairdryer or an iron for that super straight finish, we girls love.

2. How safe is the treatment for hair that has been chemically treated?

In a nutshell perfectly safe! This treatment infuses hair with keratin which is a natural component of hair, and will simply enhance its natural health, appearance and strength.

3. How often should I have the Brazilian Keratin Treatment done?

The treatment itself can last for 12 weeks. However there are a number of variables that would influence when you might want to have another treatment. A lot will depend on how well you care for your hair. The good thing with this treatment, unlike many others, is that the more you have it done, the greater the build-up of Keratin and therefore the better the smooth, shiny appearance will become.

4. Can the hair be coloured before the treatment is applied?

Absolutely, in truth it’s great to follow directly after a colouring with this treatment because it will help lock-in the colour, adding a more enriched tone that will last for longer. If you intend to follow this treatment with colouring then we advise you wait two weeks.

5. How long will the treatment take?

Again this depends on the length and thickness of your hair, but we typically finish in 2 to 4 hours. There are 4 steps to be completed which include:

  •  A hair wash with a special nutrient enriched cleansing shampoo
  • Application of the keratin
  • A very quick loose drying with a hairdryer
  • Sealing the keratin into the hair using some professional straighteners

6. How can I maintain the look produced by the treatment?

Firstly we recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before washing the hair (if your hair becomes unavoidably wet within 24hrs try and blow-dry it as soon as you can). You can wait longer before washing it, if you wish. Try and keep the hair loose which will help to prevent the hair being marked before the first wash.

Once this initial period is over we recommend that you should try and avoid products that contain salt, silicone or petrochemicals. This is general good practice, and will certainly help maintain the effects of this treatment for longer. A weekly deep conditioning would also have a long-lasting effect on the treatment.

7. Will this treatment rid me of split ends?

No! The only way to get rid of split ends is to regularly have your hair trimmed. However this treatment will nourish your hair from deep inside, and give it an overall much healthier look and finish.

8. I’m pregnant; can I still have the treatment?

We recommend that you wait several months after birth before having this treatment. This will help the hormones settle down, and stabilise any structural changes that have occurred to your hair during pregnancy.

9. Will my hair become absolutely straight?

No treatment can make your hair completely straight. However this treatment is probably the best at getting a healthy, shiny and smooth near straight appearance. All of this whilst infusing your hair deeply with Keratin, will leave you with a luxurious and envious finish, which will maintain bounce and vibrancy.

Results can vary from individual to individual but this quiet revolution really is going to change the way in which we treat our hair, from a very much harsh chemical based model to enhancing and reinforcing the keratin which is already present in your hair.


3 hours for shoulder length hair £100

4 hours for long hair £125


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